miguel gálvez-taroncher


Miguel Gálvez Taroncher is currently developing his career as composer, conductor, music instructor and pianist.

He has been honored with awards such as the Queen Elisabeth of Belgium Award, the College of Spain in Paris Prize and the Intercultural Onix Prize of Mexico and he has been finalist of the Pablo Casals Competition of Prades (France) and Honorific Mention at the III Concurso Evaristo Fernández Blanco.

He has taught at prestigious universities, schools and conservatories around the world highlighting the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña, the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Granada, the National Arts Centre of Mexico, the Vitrolles Conservatory, Escuela de Música de Cambrils and the University of La Laguna (Tenerife), among others.

He has worked with major orchestras and festivals such as Granada City Orchestra, Spanish Radio Television Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of the Auditorium of Zaragoza, Festival of Music and Dance Granada, Wien Modern Festival, Religious Music Week in Cuenca, Canary Islands Music Festival, Musicadhoy Festival, Festival Musicatreize, Musical Olympus Festival in St. Petersburg, International Piano Festival de la Roque d’Antheron, among many others.

Now he is conductor of the Muskfest Orchestra and of the San Andrés Polyphonic Choir in Granada.

He has worked as Director of the Conservatory of Cambrils (Tarragona).

His publications have been issued by the Instituto Cervantes ISBN: 978-84-694-2235-9 , by Editions Jobert in Paris (different ISBN) and Piles Editorial in Valencia  ISBN: 979-069128-068-3 and ISBN 979-0-3505-1103-5 and publications have been written about his work at Eduardo Chillida – Sonoridades. Pedro Ordóñez Eslava. Elogio de la Frontera o Creación Musical desde el inagotable límite de Eduardo Chillida. Espiritualidad y Límite. ISBN: 978-83-942409-6-7 Zabalaga-Leku, VEGAP, Wroclaw 2016, Wien Modern, Festival unserer Zeit ein ISBN: 3-89727-2053-9 , Schwaz Klagspuren ISBN: 3-89727-186-9, Ord Publishing (Title: Miguel Gálvez Taroncher ISBN: 478-613-6-35612 -9 ) and in the doctoral thesis “El límite: una investigación performativa para el violonchelo contemporáneo” by Mª Teresa García Atienza, directed by D. Héctor J. Pérez López, 2011.

His discography includes 8 publications: E-moon (2004), CD Queen Elisabeth International Competition (2007), CD Patrimonio Valenciano Actual 007 (2009), CD Alma Viva DS 0153 (2010), Confluencias (2011), Escenas Contemporáneas (2015), Postcards Vol. 2 (2016) and Las sombras del exterminador (2017).

Miguel Gálvez Taroncher has a master degree and graduate in composition and music theory from the University of Vienna, a Diploma in Conducting by the cited School and the title of Professor of Piano by the Conservatory of Madrid and holds a degree in Masters in Business Management at the International School of Management in Granada. .